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It's not just a job for us, it is our passion. Our team has over 100+ years of combined senior living experience in every background from technology to senior living executives and with active ecall systems throughout the United States, Canada, China, and Mexico you can guarantee that our products have been tested and approved in every situation.

History Powering Living since 1945

For 70 years our company has been dedicated to providing the very best technology available to our customers. Through the years we have seen the technology world flourish and expand into new territories. We are proud to have played a significant role in the development of Senior Living Technology everywhere.


Founder Herman L. Dawson began his curious journey with technology. Even at the young age of 19, his desire was to learn all that he could about electricity and technology in hopes of one day starting a company that would change lives.


Company Founded

At the age of 34, Herman Dawson founded our company that is known today as Silversphere Technologies. In the beginning we manufactured coin operated chairside radios for hotel chains across the nation. Success was immediate thanks to this new radio technology that Herman had developed.


Herman's son, Rick Dawson, continued the tradition of developing quality products by leading our company through an era of all-new hotel electronics applications, including message waiting notifications, electronic roll status, automated HVAC control, and more.


We invented what is now commonly referred to as “Resident Check-In” and it quickly became an industry standard. This system function allows for residents to check in directly from their room and saves care givers valuable time.


We invented the very first combination emergency call / smoke detection system. We were the first (and only) UL listed smoke warning system with integrated emergency call functionality. Prior to our products most senior living apartments had either no smoke detectors, or battery powered smoke detectors that only sounded in the room.


We were the first to adapt wireless pendants to our emergency call system. This wasn't a full wireless system at the time, but we figured out how to put a receiver in the hard wired pull cords that activated when a wireless pendant was pushed.


We were the first emergency call system to integrate with pocket pager technology. Before then, senior living communities had to have someone watch the emergency alarm panel 24/7/365 just in case an alarm came in. We love making things easier and more efficient for our customers.


Our Companion One system was born. The first generation of the Companion One system was the first emergency call system to integrate 3 different technologies into one system - wireless, hard-wired, and telephony.


We developed what is now STRATOS™ and became the very first (and still one of a few) systems with internet based reporting. Way before the internet was commonplace.


We are still setting the pace for senior living technology with the launch of ATMOS™ Mobile that helps your staff be more efficient and provide added safety and security to your residents. ATMOS™ Mobile also provides you the manager the ability to see important system and management data from anywhere and on any device.

Customizable ATMOS™ Emergency Call Systems by Silversphere


Regular eCall systems or nurse call systems only allow you to respond to emergencies after they happen. Our ATMOS™ Emergency Call Systems provide all the same emergency response options but also allow your care givers to provide proactive care and stop the emergency before it happens.

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STRATOS™ Gives You Realtime Insights and Reporting into Your ATMOS™ Emergency Call System

Connected by STRATOS™

Don't be bothered with lengthy backups or never ending updates any longer. STRATOS™ is your fully secure, web based solution to view reporting and real-time alerts from anywhere on any device from any Silversphere system. We have made it possible for you to be in more than one place at one time.

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