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  • Real-time Data Reporting.
  • 24/7/365 Support Access.
  • Staff Training Videos.
  • Online Store.
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STRATOS™ gives you realtime insights into your ATMOS™ system from your desktop/laptop computer, tablet or smartphone.

STRATOS™ is a Web-Based Portal to All Your Emergency Call or Nurse Call System Data.

Not only can view system data like response times and call volume from anywhere and on any device, STRATOS™ also is the engine that instantly sends your active emergency calls to your staff in real-time.

STRATOS™ Real-time Data and Reporting


STRATOS™ collects data like response times and call volume by resident (and more) from your call system so that you can provide better care to your residents and efficient management to your staff. Also, feel free to access the data from anywhere and on any device.

STRATOS™ 24/7/365 Support Access


If you need help with your system we are always available. STRATOS™ allows you and your team easy support access from any device. And, you can trust you are talking to a trained, professional support technician that is an actual Silversphere employee.

STRATOS™ Staff Training Videos


We understand staff and caregiver turnover can be very high in senior living communities. That is why we have spent the extra time to provide you the ability to train new staff with fun, engaging, and informative How-To videos and manuals.

STRATOS™ Online Store


When you need additional pendants, replacement parts, batteries, or whatever, you are only a click away. We have redesigned our online store experience to know you and what you need. You don't have to worry about ordering the wrong part or waiting on hold, just add it to the cart and checkout.


Our ATMOS™ Emergency call systems and nurse call systems are designed to provide your staff with the most important and relevant information for the better care of seniors. That information is collected and wirelessly sent to STRATOS where it is compiled for easy viewing, data tracking, reporting, and to provide a more effective caregiver experience.

STRATOS™ connects caregivers and management to their emergency call system information.

STRATOS™ Reporting gives you the ability to perform the following:

  • View realtime CALL System Status
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Setup Custom Settings
  • View Number of Emergency Calls
  • View Average Response Time
  • View Longest Response Time
  • View % Responses Over 5 Minutes
  • View Emergency Calls By the Hour
  • View Frequent Users
  • View Breakdown by Type of Emergency Call

The best Technical SUPPORT in the biz Emergency Support: 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week. 365 Days a Year.

STRATOS™ USA Based 24/7/365 Technical Support
We know you have options for senior living technology, but how many of those come with your own personal technical support team? Only Silversphere. Our goal is not just to provide the best technology available, but also to promise the very best support that you will ever find. So think of us as part of your team.
Our technical support team is made up of Silversphere employees who work side by side with the product, design, and engineering departments to improve the customer experience. Which means they know our business inside and out and are ready to help you via phone, email, or through your STRATOS™ portal.

Training is key

STRATOS™ Staff Training Videos

We know there is high turnover among staff and caregivers in senior living communities. And we are here to help you make the transition to new staff easier. We want to do everything we can to make sure you are equipped and stay equipped to operate your emergency call system or nurse call system all the time. That is why we offer an impressive assortment of training courses, resources, and how-to videos which allow you to train your staff on your own terms through our STRATOS™ Portal. Training is now simple, consistent, and convenient.




The way we buy things has changed The STRATOS™ store has you covered.


Convenience is one of the primary benefits of the STRATOS™ store. Quickly find the products you need for your call system and use our secure, one-page checkout to complete your order. You can also select only certain staff to have buying privileges.

Personalized Shopping Experience

STRATOS™ store offers customers an excellent online experience. Login to your account to easily see recent orders, change your billing or shipping address and quickly find the products you need with our easy to use navigation.

anywhere, on any device

STRATOS™ store offers a responsive design for an optimal user experience across all devices.

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