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Independent living, assisted living, memory care, and higher-acuity communities all need very unique emergency call and nurse call systems that meet the needs of their residents and their staff. Our ATMOS™ emergency call system can be customized to meet your exact needs and wants. And don't forget that once you buy an ATMOS™ system, you get INFINITY so you never have to buy another system again and your ATMOS™ system stays as new as it was day 1.

Emergency Call System Resident Safety and Security Outcome


Our ATMOS™ Emergency Call System provides the most robust and trusted safety and security features for your residents in the industry. Whether you are looking for a simple call system or a complete system with wander management and access control, we can provide it all.

Emergency Call System Return on Investment Outcome


Lot's of companies try and boast about their ROI. However, only Silversphere can boast about our 70-year success track in technology and 70 years of customers success. We not only engineer our own products but manufacture them as well, so we can guarantee you have products that last and return on your investment.

Emergency Call System Staff Efficiency Outcome


Helping your staff and caregivers provide the very best care possible to your residents is our goal. The speed and coverage of our ATMOS™ system allows your staff to receive call quicker than any other system and with tools like STRATOS™, ATMOS Mobile™, and ATMOS Desk™, we provide your team the polish they need to be awesome!

Emergency Call System Risk Reduction Outcome


Reducing risk is important in senior living and it is important to us. ATMOS™ Emergency call systems alongside STRATOS™, allow you to cover your entire building with the tools needed to decrease risk and increase safety, security, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Push button & Pull Cord emergency call stations aesthetically match the decor of the room with neutral-color, rounded-corner enclosures.

Wearable wireless pendants are offered in a variety of colors, and can be worn either around the neck or discreetly on the wrist.

For independent living cottages and free-standing homes, we wirelessly monitor smoke detectors where there is no other central smoke and fire monitoring system available.

With our Staff Rounds Check feature, that process is validated and reported electronically without the need for checklists, which can be forgotten or forged. In addition, when a resident is not checked on the prescribed schedule, the caregiver is reminded with an automatic alert.

Staff Reminders Feature alerts and instructs direct-care staff to take action at prescribed times

Incontinence Detection Silent Alert forces staff compliance and maintains resident dignity.

Our wander solution offers total protection for your residents while allowing them to move freely about your facility, and provides families with the peace of mind they need to place their loved ones in your care.

Access control systems secure your building and allow access only to authorized personnel.

Whether you're concerned about a resident getting out of bed, or otherwise moving during the night, our motion-based and pressure sensor-based features will alert your caregivers to movement so that they can take action and ensure the resident remains safe.

ATMOS™ Mobile Just Made Your Community A Lot Smarter!

ATMOS™ Mobile App - Senior Living Communities Just Got SMARTER

ATMOS™ Mobile is our newest addition and provides your staff the ability to see important system data, respond to alerts, call for backup, and many other great tools all from your smartphone or tablet.

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ATMOS™ Mobile is compatible with Apple and Android devices.


ATMOS™ Desk makes it even easier for you to manage your emergency call or nurse call system and your caregiving staff.

The ATMOS™ Desk is more than just a console for your emergency call system or nurse call system. It is a work of art! ATMOS™ Desk provides your team with faster call information through the best user experience in senior living technology. It will help you alleviate staff turnover, provide more efficient care, and give you the technology 'WOW' factor all your potential resident's and families want to see.

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A FEW OF OUR ATMOS™ Emergency call & NURSE CALL system Products.

STRATOS™ - Insights and reporting from your emergency call system

Every super hero needs a trusty sidekick.

STRATOS™ has become the tool that makes everyone happy. Caregivers have the information they need at all times to provide the very best care and management now has a measurable tool to see how their system and staff are performing. Plus you can access all this from anywhere on any device.

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