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The ATMOS™ Desk is designed for beauty, ease of use, staff efficiency, and to make your emergency call system even smarter! It works beautifully with all our ATMOS™ Emergency Call Systems and will totally change how your team and residents communicate.

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ATMOS™ Desk - View Emergency Call System Events

View System Events.

ATMOS™ Desk will show you just how smart your ATMOS™ emergency call system from Silversphere really is. Things like low batteries, motion & smoke detection, door & window alarms, and more are sent to you via ATMOS™ Desk so you can provide the very best, proactive care.

ATMOS™ Desk - View Emergency Call Alarms & Assign Calls

View Resident Alarms & Assign Calls.

Instantly see and hear when an emergency call occurs. With ATMOS™ Desk you can see which caregiver responds, if backup is requested, and you can even assign the call to a specific caregiver that is using ATMOS™ Mobile.

ATMOS™ Desk - View Caregiver Shift & Break Times

View Caregiver Shift & Break Times.

It's important that you always know who is on shift and on break. ATMOS™ Desk can help you manage your team in real time so you always know who is available. Easily view caregiver response times and other system data in your online portal called STRATOS™.

Experience the true power of ATMOS™ Desk when you pair it with ATMOS™ Mobile.

Experience the true power of ATMOS™ Desk when you pair it with ATMOS™ Mobile.

ATMOS™ Mobile takes all the functions of your ATMOS™ Desk and lets them go with your caregivers wherever they are in the building. This product combo will improve staff and resident interaction, staff efficiency and help alleviate employee turnover through easy to use technology.

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