Tel-Tron is now Silversphere New name, same quality commitment to our customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why did you change your name?

A. As a technology company, we feel we have an extra responsibility to stay current and up-to-date for our customers. We have some exciting new technology this year and even more to come. We thought it was time for a rebrand that matched our dedication to innovation in senior living technology.

Q. Were you acquired by another company?

A. Nope...we have the same great team of leaders that our customers have come to know and trust. We have even expanded our team by a few to continue providing you with the very best products and services available in senior living technology.

Q. Can I still get parts for my system?

A. Absolutely, this is simply a rebranding so you will still be able to get any part and/or support for your current system that you need.

Q. Are you still doing senior living technology?

A. Our focus has been on senior living and will continue to be. We love what we do and are excited to continue raising the bar for senior care as Silversphere.

Q. What makes Silversphere any different than Tel-Tron?

A. Silversphere is focused on providing our customers with the most current and easy to use technology available so that your job is done quicker, easier, and more effectively. We are tired of technology that is just reactive and not proactive! We want to help enhance the care of seniors wherever they call home and make it easier for care givers and family to stay in tune with the wellness of their loved one and accurately predict health concerns before they happen so that seniors are living longer and healthy lives as a result.